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About Dr. Woolf

Dr John Woolf- represented by Andrew Lownie Literary Agency and Past Preservers- is a researcher, writer and historian specialising in nineteenth-century cultural history. He works across TV, radio and film .

Dr Woolf graduated from the University of Cambridge, with two scholarships to his name, before winning two further scholarships at the University of London. He was awarded his funded PhD, which explored nineteenth-century freak shows, in August 2016. His latest publications include:

  • 'The Wonders: Lifting the Curtain on the Freak Show, Circus and Victorian Age' (Michael O'Mara Books, 2019; Pegasus Books, 2019).

  • Black Victorians: Hidden in History (Duckworth Books, 2022), with Keshia N. Abraham

  • 'Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets' (Audible, 2018) ​

  • Stephen Fry's Edwardian Secrets (Audible, 2021)

  • Stephen Fry's Secrets of the Roaring Twenties (Audible, 2022)

  • The Halifax Slasher (Audible, 2020).

 Dr Woolf can be contacted on or via his media agent Past Preservers or via his literary agent Andrew Lownie

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BBC Dwarfs in Art

Watch Dr. Woolf in this BBC Documentary



Black Victorians: Hidden in History 

Written with Keshia N. Abraham

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Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets

Audible Original podcast with Stephen Fry


Stephen Fry's Secrets of the Roaring Twenties

Audible Original podcast with Stephen Fry


The Guardian

Read Dr. Woolf's article in the Guardian

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The Halifax Slasher 

Dr. Woolf's new audiobook 2020.

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The Real Tom Thumb

Read about Dr. Woolf's work on this BBC4 documentary

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The Wonders

Dr. Woolf's new book released September 2019.

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