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Dr Woolf has extensive experience on and behind the TV screen having worked as a Development Researcher, Production Researcher, Assistant Producer, Series Consultant and onscreen expert.

BBC Dwarfs in Art

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Cursed Histories 

Super channel 

Dr Woolf appears across this exciting series...You don't have to believe, but you should beware... Unravelling the histories and legends that unleashed a wave of misfortune into the world, these tales of intrigue, heartbreak, and deception are so tragic people still speak of the sinister forces surrounding the cursed. Learn how one misstep can set off a ripple of suffering. From the tomb of Tutankhamen to the Hope Diamond to the Lost City of Frenier, history is riddled with people, places, and objects that spread utterly wicked, unbridled chaos. In the wake of death and disaster, how did these curses come to be? Whose wrath is responsible? What's the truth behind the unlucky? And can anyone ever hope to contain it?


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Castle Secrets

Super channel 

Dr Woolf appears across eight episodes in this series...Around the globe, imposing structures stand tall against time. As the world moves forward, they remain silent sentinels; guardians of ancient lives lived, mysteries, and secret. But now, they will be silent no more... What if these walls could talk? What if we could go behind the ramparts of the world's most incredible fortifications and breathe life into them. What secrets lie behind their design? What treasures did they store? What stories have been buried, and, what secrets can be revealed? From dungeon to turret, when we shift the dust what tales are revealed in Castle Secrets?


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This documentary, presented by Lord Michael Grade, first aired in May 2014 and was based on a chapter in Dr Woolf’s PhD; he proposed the documentary to Wingspan Productions and was subsequently employed to develop the treatment. Once the treatment was accepted by the BBC, Dr Woolf worked on the production as a Researcher. This was his first foray into TV...




Dr Woolf worked as the Assistant Producer on this documentary series, which first aired in September 2014. The documentary followed the biographer AN Wilson as he uncovered the intriguing personal life of Queen Victoria through her journals and letters. This documentary offered a psychological portrait of Britain's longest reigning monarch.




This year, Dr Woolf  appeared in a new BBC4 documentary which explores dwarfism in art. The film is presented by the journalist, photographer and filmmaker Richard Butchins.



What Larks Productions

Dr Woolf works on a freelance basis with numerous production companies, currently working closely with What Larks Productions, established by the comic Jo Brand and the Managing and Creative Director Claire Whalley.


He has worked with Wingspan Productions, What Larks Productions, Golden Section Films and Waddell Media developing History programmes and pitching ideas to Channel 5, Channel 4 and BBC Arts and BBC History. 



Channel 5

Dr Woolf  worked as a Consultant Assistant Producer with Channel 5 on an upcoming documentary series about Prince Albert. 

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